This blog is an account of one driver’s experience working the streets of London for Uber. Places, names and other identifiers maybe changed to protect anonymity. The substance of any account will always be real.

You can reach me via email at newaccountability@riseup.net

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  1. Horace Lim

    Would like your take to a reply to my post of your article…

    Susan Stewart Loane But these drivers are taking uber beyond it’s original concept, which was ride-sharing, not earning a living. They are looking for a way to earn a living without investing in training (other than learning to drive). Uber was originally conceived as a way for someone who had spare capacity in a car to offer a ride to someone to needed a lift. It was not intended to provide a living.
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    Horace Lim
    Horace Lim Susan that misunderstands how human motivation works… Uber needs the car to be at least less than 3 years old then why would anyone bother to become a Uber driver? Taxi drivers don’t exactly drive taxis because they have so many life choices hoping to make $100 per shift so Uber will scoop up the next rung down from taxi drivers. Uber gets to become the taxi company scooping up an ever increasing share of the fares without making the investment in taxi licenses or taxi cabs or cars. Because taxi drivers are NOT rich people I have done deals with taxi drivers like drive me from Grand Central station NYC to Stamford, CT for $200 but tell them to switch off the meter so they get to keep all of the $200. That’s much harder to achieve when they are under GPS monitoring…

    1. D045901 Post author

      I would simply refer to this clause in the new Uber driver contract (we are now confusingly called customers). This doesn’t look like ride share to me. Uber wants professional drivers with new cars but wants to side step employment law and all the the business & regulatory risk.

        Customer expressly acknowledges and agrees that by agreeing to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, Customer intends to perform Transportation Services in a non-­‐incidental manner and, as such, Uber will consider Customer and its Drivers to be taxable persons in accordance with all applicable VAT and indirect tax legislation.


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